Selections: Purelink

Purelink are among a flourishing new wave of artists exploring the bioluminescent depths of downtempo, ambient and dub techno. The Chicago trio of Ben Paulson (Kindtree), Tommy Paslaski (Concave Reflection) and Akeem Asani (Millia) came together in early 2020, bonding over a shared interest in acts like Visible Cloaks and Basic Channel. An initial living room studio jam lit a creative fuse for the artists, each of whom had been producing their own music for some time, touching on ambient shoegaze and percussive club music. Paulson and Paslaski had also previously collaborated  under the all light hits u alias. 

Purelink – whose name is derived from the Ableton link/sync feature they use to produce and perform together – released their debut EP, ‘Bliss / Swivel’, in 2021, a hazy two-tracker of dreamstate dub techno and deep jungle recorded live. They followed this up with a gorgeous self-titled outing on the newly launched UwU dust bath label in 2022 and ‘To / Deep’ on Montreal’s naff recordings in March this year. 

On their new album, ‘Signs’, released via Peak Oil, Purelink have further honed their voice. Across the six-track, 39-minute suite, they stitch Chain Reaction-esque fibres into blankets of warm synth: a gentle kick pattern here, a full-bodied bass throb there, a fleeting melody, a faint crackle or fizzy glitch – all rendered in spellbinding soft focus. It’s music to sink into and float away with. A blissful soundtrack for the late-night/early-morning afterglow.

The “electronic jam band”’s Selections capture the myriad influences they’ve distilled into their own music, from low-key electronic pop, smoky dub-folk and “Joni Glitchell”-esque indie into peak-time minimal techno and experimental club music. Dive in below.