Shaé Universe releases new project, ‘Love’s Letter’: Listen

UK R&B artist Shaé Universe has released a new album, 'Love's Letter'.

Taking in 10 tracks, its release coincided with Valentine's Day (14th February). Conceptually, the record explores what it would mean for love to send you a letter for every phase of life, while it opens with a vocal recording of inspirational words said by the UK artist's own mother.

Speaking about the record, Shaé Universe said: "In a time where life has felt increasingly heavy, 'Love's Letter' is here to help us process all the layers from a place of love; the changes, the uncertainty, the distance, the isolation, the frustrations, the cycles and the growth. This one's for the people who are ready to face themselves and return to love."

In a further statement about the track 'Oh Wait', which was the final single to be unveiled from 'Love's Letter' before its full release, she added: "The unpredictability of each musical section is reflective of how caught off guard I was when I wrote this song. I'd just found out my ex had cheated on me and I was still in absolute shock.

"This song is extra dear to my heart because at the time I didn't speak to anyone about it immediately, but Ari Pensmith (songwriter) and Akeel Henry (producer) created such a safe space in the studio that day, I felt comfortable enough to outwardly express my feelings on the situation for the first time."

The new album was first announced in January when Shaé Universe shared the single 'What's Luv?'

Listen to 'Love's Letter' in full below.