Sikdope – Lost In The Blue (ft. Nevve)


Sikdope – Lost In The Blue (ft. Nevve)

Sikdope is back, and this time he is bringing vocalist Nevve along for the ride. On his newest track, Sikdope delivers some great vibes, but it might not be what you would expect from the Polish native. Known for his bass-heavy style music, Sikdope teams up with Nevve to bring us the ever melodic ‘Lost In The Blue‘.

When speaking about the track, we get a bit insight from the producer himself as he tweeted the following:

Sikdope - Lost In The Blue (ft. Nevve)The track starts f quick with Nevve’s lovely vocals, and a majority the elements already going. It’s at 00:35 that the buildup starts, and at 0:52 we get the drop. The drop features some amazing vocal chops that even DJ Snake would be jealous .

After the drop, we get the bridge, which replaces those vocal chops with a nice synth arpeggio, and its something I wish we could get more . The track continues on and we get a second drop. With a runtime 2:52 this track goes by quick, so be prepared to play it back again. “Lost In The Blue’ is a fun one, and I can’t wait to hear it live.

The track is out now as a free download, and can be streamed below. Enjoy.

Sikdope – Lost In The Blue (ft. Nevve) | DOWNLOAD

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