Skrillex Live Streams New Track, One Of His Fan Favorite IDs

Brace yourselves — Skrillex is (almost) ready to unleash new music upon us.

Just yesterday, he revealed he’s in the process finishing up a couple tracks and plans to “pump em out quick.” For any Skrillex fan, this is the best possible news we’ve been anticipating…

…and he kept the good news coming live stream. Last night he took to Instagram to share the workings a production fans have already come to know and love as his “Ping Pong” ID.

The mixing process seems to be going swimmingly, because the track sounds amazing, laced with expertly crafted bass and breaks. In fact, Skrillex says this may actually be his best mix down ever.

It’s hard to disagree — just listen and get ready!

New Skrillex Track – Coming Soon

Soon skrill gang, very soon!🔥🔥 from skrillex