Skrillex Reveals One of His Biggest Collabs Yet Out Friday [VIDEO]

Skrillex and Troyboi had only just released their collaboration “WARLORDZ” in June when not three weeks later they were already teasing another track together. This one would feature Ty Dolla $ign, Lan, and Ludmilla, and it would be called “Malokera.”

Well, the day for “Malokera” to drop is here, and it’s coming out this Friday.

Reno was the sweatiest show I’ve ever played in my life🌊🖤 PS: We are DROPPING this new 🔥 “MALOKERA” FRIDAY

“Malokera” is a swing back toward the hip hop productions that Skrillex had been doing before he dropped the 2-track Show Tracks EP last month.

This one drops tomorrow, so stay tuned!