Slab City and Nat James Join Forces for Blistering Trap and Grime Hybrid, “Taking Over”

Slab City have recruited rising U.K. rapper Nat James for "Taking Over," a blistering trap anthem.

"Taking Over" is a trap lover's dream, with crunchy brass stabs, tight snare rolls, and a thick low end. Thanks to the rowdy production of Slab City and the relentless hip-hop flair of James, it's a nasty blend of trap music and grime that should fit right into a plethora of bass music and festival-oriented playlists.

James spits with a chip on his shoulder in the verses, which eventually build and cultivate in equally ferocious drops. It's here where Slab City shine, producing two wild hybrid trap segments with screeching synths and thunderous 808s along with James' anthemic call to arms.

Check out the massive "Taking Over" below. 

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Slab City Press Shot 1

Slab City and Nat James Join Forces for Blistering Trap and Grime Hybrid, "Taking Over"

The track is the final piece of a "musical puzzle" from the Slab City duo, who have tied a bow on their own web series.

According to a press release, "Taking Over" is the final piece of a "musical puzzle" for Slab City, who in this first season are on a furious mission to spread their unique bass music sound.

The duo’s first season of their online web series sees them and their friends "defeat the oppressive regime of El Don and bring back music and freedom to their beloved Koda City.” Slab City are gearing up for the release of the second season of their web series early next year, with more music in the pipeline.

You can watch the series via the group's Instagram page.