SLANDER's New Single Is Here & It's Absolutely Stunning

SLANDER has put some serious work into their latest single and accompanying music video for “Love is Gone” with Dylan Matthew. The cinematic song rocks deep, melodic dubstep vibes and a moving lyrical performance that sparks all kinds emotion.

In this day and age, much the music we consume is fleeting. Bangers might fade, but the raw passion and creativity that “Love is Gone” projects gives the track some true staying power. From the lightest piano notes through the most intense riser and back down into gorgeous, melodic bliss, SLANDER and Dylan Matthew absolutely slay this collaboration in every way.

The ethereal music video years in the making follows a lone spaceman on a journey through worlds in search that one metaphorical star. While this takes place somewhere far, far away — the message is very much down to Earth and relatable.

SLANDER provide their own statement that introduces the release:

‘Love Is Gone’ is our biggest endeavor to date. The accompanying video has been in the works for the past 3 years and is comprised entirely movie level CGI. Just the rendering process took over 3 months to complete. We are thrilled to finally give our fans a glimpse into this new universe we are creating for them, which comprises our new show visuals, this video, and a secret future project. We’ve been tight lipped about all this until now and we are so happy to finally reveal some pieces to the story. This one has been a long time coming and we can’t wait to slowly reveal what’s next! Shout out to Roboto for absolutely crushing the video and showing us that there really is no limit on human creativity if enough time and effort is laid down. Also we would like to thank our long-time collaborator Dylan Matthew for once again delivering a stellar vocal performance. At this moment, we are the most proud we have ever been a project, and we hope you guys enjoy the fruits our labor.

Watch the video below!

Love is Gone – SLANDER & Dylan Matthew

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