SMLE and Rival Enlist Neoni for Impactful Cut “Up In Flames”

Miami-based production duo SMLE have taken over the industry in recent years with their vibrant and lighthearted sound, releasing music on labels such as Monstercat, Armada, and Lowly, while garnered a nomination for the Best Remixed Recording award at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards for their rework of Bobby Rush's "Funk O' De Funk.“

The duo have now teamed up with rising German talent Rival and in-demand vocalist duo Neoni to release “Up In Flames.”

A truly explosive yet melodic cut, “Up In Flames” marks SMLE’s second original release of 2020 and arrives via Future Generation. Sister duo Neoni offer heavenly vocals that perfectly ride the instrumental, while SMLE and Rival outdo themselves, each contributing to the song in their own respective ways. The production on "Up In Flames" is stunning, starting off with subtle atmospheres and rumbling bass before exploding into an eerie yet impactful drop.

"'Up in Flames' is about that lingering fear that you can’t escape when you feel like you’re finally winning,” explained Sidney from Neoni. "It’s about that small voice in your head that keeps telling you that everything you’ve fought for is all about to fall apart, filling you with the paranoia that haunts you constantly demanding a perfection that you can’t achieve."