SNAILS & Subtronics combine forces for the massive “SNAILCLOPS”

Both Snails and Subtronics are pushing boundaries in dubstep right now. Snails is on somewhat a tirade – from his latest singles “Jackhammer” with Krimer and “RKO,” to the announcement his World Slime tour, to the newly revealed music video for “Snailelphant” with Wooli, it’s clear the producer is a relentless force in bass music. On the other hand, Subtronics is stirring things up by collaborating with Griz, Boogie T, Ganja White Night, and more. Now, together, they’ve teamed up for the massive “SNAILCLOPS.”

What the collaboration lacks in outright innovation it more than makes up for in angst and gusto. This is a huge and powerful tune that will surely hit you right to your core, and that’s likely exactly what the duo intended. Devoid any kind memorable melody, instead it opts to wage a full frontal assault on your fleshy, corporeal form and attempt to rend it useless with sound. Of course, you’ll be headbanging enough to not notice.

The constant chops and cuts are perfect for all the myriad crazy arm and hand movements that come along with filthy drops, not to mention the sections with heavier bass that will have you clutching your chest, muttering, “Oh fuck, I can feel it” to your friends while they yell “WHAT!?”

Check out “SNAILCLOPS” below, out now on Snails’ Slugz Music.