Steve Aoki Embraces Hardstyle on "6OKI – Rave Royale" EP

Since last September, Steve Aoki has been teasing his long-awaited 6OKI - Rave Royale EP that's notably stacked with collaborations. Last week, he unveiled a 6OKI cut with k?d entitled "BIB" as the record's second single. Today the EP has finally arrived via his renowned Dim Mak imprint. 

6OKI - Rave Royale was made to keep the rave alive. The 6-track EP maintains wild, untamed energy as Aoki weaves his way through collaborations with the likes of Gammer, Ben Nicky, Spyro, Maikki, and more.

Aoki's collab with Brennan Heart and PollyAnna, "Close To You," is a standout on the EP. PollyAnna's vocals instantly add a catchiness that'll blend right in on mainstages (when they return). While the entire EP is energetic and upbeat, "Close To You" drives home a sense of positivity and hopefulness. 

"Mind Control" with Hasse de Moor brings just as much flair to the EP. Clocking in just over two-and-a-half minutes, the tune wastes no time getting to the action. A distorted vocal begins chanting the pre-drop chant early on, preparing listeners for a nonstop drop bolstered by winding synths and booming kicks.

Accompanying the EP is a series of music videos detailing Aoki's journey with his many collaborative companions, inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale as well as the ever-popular video game Fortnite.  You can check out the corresponding music videos for each track here.