Subtronics Remixed the Popular "Oh No" TikTok Song Into a Drum & Bass Banger

It seems Subtronics doesn't get much sleep these days. In the past month, he debuted his new label Cyclops Recordings, released the imprint's first compilation, and even saw his collaboration with GRiZ, "Griztronics," added to Fortnite's in-game radio. Now, he's back with a drum & bass hybrid remix of "Oh No" by Capone.

The song may sound familiar to you if you've been on TikTok lately. It's currently trending on the app and has been used in countless videos on the platform. For his flip, Subtronics gave fans a rare taste of some drum & bass production.

The first half of the remix features a sound that longtime fans may be more familiar with while the second descends into unrelenting drum & bass chaos. It's interesting to see how Subtronics applies his heavy sound to the faster-paced genre. The result is a fun remix that can be enjoyed by fans of any bass subgenre.

Fans may remember that this is not the only tie Subtronics has to the video-sharing app. Last year, his aforementioned song with GRiZ was a hit on the platform and spawned over 300 million user-generated videos soundtracked by their collaborative smash.

Subtronics' remix of "Oh No" by Capone is out now and available as a free download on SoundCloud.