SWARM and Julian Dae Fuse Metalcore and Psytrance on the Technical Amalgam "Unbreakable"

Back in May, SWARM unleashed unbridled terror on the masses with his otherworldly collaboration with Caster, "Blood." Since then, we've had time to recover from the nightmares, but to the delight of horror fans, something new lurks beneath the shadows. 

Enter "Unbreakable," SWARM's latest collaborative haunt, this time with the technical guitar maestro Julian Dae. Known for his guitar covers of some of EDM's biggest stars, Dae is no stranger to fusing rock chords with electronic melodies. Together, the duo spawned a seamless amalgam of metalcore and psytrance. 

Wasting no time, Dae opens the tune with some mind-bending strings while SWARM injects pounding drums in such a way that constructs a boisterous battle cry. After the substantial call-to-arms, listeners are dropped into the depths with a high-speed psytrance breakdown. Separating the opening from the dramatic conclusion is a touch of SWARM's signature orchestral sound with isolated piano that gives fans a chance to catch their breath before the rest of their descent.  

"Unbreakable" by SWARM and Julian Dae is out now. You can download and stream the new single on a variety of platforms here. 


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