SWARM Gives Celldweller's "Into The Void" A Dark & Sinister Remix

You’ll rarely see anyone remixing Celldweller — the man just doesn’t need it. But the few remixes that are ficially commissioned, you’ll notice a consistent quality between them, and SWARM’s latest remix “Into The Void” doesn’t disappoint.

Heavy guitar riffs are replaced with distorted synths, natural drums replaced with filtered pads, basslines replaced with synthetic, gritty replicas… every single small detail the original feels like it’s been recognized and identified and copied over with painstaking scrutiny, albeit with a more dark and sinister electronic inclination. Such a comparison brings to mind franchises like Altered Carbon or Bladerunner, to give you a better idea the reverence I’m paying to SWARM’s remix.

You can check out the remix below right now.