Swedish House Mafia Manager Amy Thomson Announces Music Business Course 'MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS"

You can say that DJ SnakeAlesso, and Swedish House Mafia, are some the biggest names in music, and you wouldn’t be wrong. One thing that all these acts have in common is that they have, at one point or another, been managed by Amy Thompson. Thompson has quite the track record when it comes to the artists she’s worked with. Her record includes the likes , The GorilliazKanye West and even Seal. While Amy’s influence has no doubt influenced the mainstream, it seems as though her reach is growing deeper.

Thompson has recently taken to social media to announce her new crash course in Music Business titled ‘MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS‘. The course is said to run for 5 days and will feature “multiple layers the music business”. There will also be a textbook provided.

As the website for the course reads:

Having just read the statement above, this alone seems worth it. It gives us the impression that the series classes will be jam packed with valuable information. As now, the five day course will cover OVER Twenty subjects. The subjects will include everything from Branding, Publishing, Music Law and even Terminology. This last one is in part because the sheer number times that Amy has stated, “…someone has come to me who has signed for ‘perpetuity’ and didn’t know it meant life”.

Course Information

It seems that the amount information may be a bit too much for a five day workshop, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS website states that “support will be given during the course on specific queries wherever possible”. As this is the first course she is having, its easy to think this will be a one-f event. We can be rest assured that it is not.

When speaking further about the course Amy states:

The price for the course is expected to run $1,311 . It was announced that all proceeds will be donated to Mental Health charities. ‘MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS’ will take place in London and will run from Monday, October 22, 2018 to Friday, October 26, 2018.

Spots are limited, But you can already sign up to receive the newsletter in the coming days. The newsletter will include the full fee information, sign up, as well as the payment terms. The newsletter will also include a way to apply for one ten free scholarship places, out the 200 total class seats. For more information check out the course’s website here.