T.I.'s Stern Birthday Message To Wife Tiny: "I Gotta Let You Do Your Thing"

Tiny wants to be treated like the Queen Hearts, but her estranged hubby don't see eye-to-eye on relationship goals. Yesterday evening Tameka Harris celebrated her birthday at the Goldroom in Atlanta sans her husband T.I. He was f in Las Vegas downing screwdrivers with the boys. As you can see from a recorded conversation, real expressions goodwill were entangled with feelings resentment (on both side).

T.I. called his estranged wife whilst on Instagram live with his followers. The stunt didn't exactly backfire because both Tiny and T.I. held their grudges to a minimum. When Tiny tried to act sweet by inferring that she should be partying in Vegas with her man, T.I. quickly objected, stressing the importance  time apart, as per some pact they must have made.

At the risk sounding like a marriage councilor, I'd say it only makes sense to see two fairly unrestrained individuals drag their marital woes into the public sphere. Lest we forget their VH1 program T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, and the countless baby showers & events we've been subject to as loyal followers their social media accounts. Nothing they've done so far is too dysfunctional, they just do it front and center.

Happy Belated!