That “Oh No” Song From TikTok Was Remixed Into an EDM Track—And It Actually Works

The brainlessness of TikTok and its poisonous culture can ironically be summed up by the name of one of its biggest musical trends: "Oh no."

You know the one. The trend where TikTok users chronicle situations that went horribly wrong—with the exception of the moment they downloaded the app—and soundtrack them with the shrill "oh no" chant.

But when the prepubescent buffoons of TikTok aren't snorting condoms and licking mid-pandemic airplane toilet seats (yes, those were two real "challenges"), they're inadvertently unearthing some great music. 

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Joel Fletcher and HOOX have now capitalized on the trend by releasing an EDM version, harnessing the infamous sample taken from The Shangri-Las' 1960s classic "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" and beaten into submission by tweens who can name more brands of hard seltzer than Beatles songs.

The dance music producers managed to bottle the sample and rework it into a catchy house remix. And it actually works.

Check out the new "Oh No" remix below and find it on your go-to streaming platform here.