The Chainsmokers Drop Emotive Single From Upcoming Album: Listen to “Riptide”

Just weeks from releasing a brand new album, The Chainsmokers have dropped its latest single, a future pop song called "Riptide."

According to the song's liner notes, "Riptide" boasts a formidable list of writers, counting Whethan, Emily Warren and Coldplay's Chris Martin as collaborators. It's a classic Chainsmokers record in terms of its emotive songwriting, which explores the desire to spend as much time with a significant other as possible.

"But if I only get one life, this is what I wanna do," croons The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart. "And if I only get one life, I wanna live it with you."

Take a listen to "Riptide" below.

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The Chainsmokers Drop Emotive Single From Upcoming Album: Listen to "Riptide"

The Chainsmokers wrote the track with Whethan, Emily Warren and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Following "High" and "iPad," "Riptide" is the third single from So Far So Good, which will drop in full on May 13th. The duo recently released a teaser, revealing that the album's title derives from a quote from La Haine, a French crime drama film released in 1995.

"We're more proud of this album than, I think, anything we've ever made," said The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall in the teaser. "It's just because it's so us."

The Chainsmokers also recently hosted a YouTube stream to promote the album, throwing a party live from Pall's kitchen. They performed a few songs off the LP, including an unreleased single called "In Too Deep."