The Chainsmokers Hint That ANOTHER Bass Heavy Collaboration Will Drop Soon

The Chainsmokers are back to being the golden boys EDM after a series incredible festival sets this summer and new releases which demonstrate a side the duo which has not been heard in some time. The Chainsmokers are once again producing purely in the electronic music paradigm and for now, have left pop productions on the back burner. Their latest release with NGHTMRE proves that Alex and Drew can still go as hard as anyone else in the EDM world.

A new collaboration which has been teased for a few months now has gotten more attention since the release The Chainsmokers latest single. Of course, I am talking about the collab with trap and bass hero QUIX. A fan asked the guys when we the world should expect this heavily anticipated single. To their surprise, The Chainsmokers responded with just one word – SOON.

So there you have it folks, if you are happy with all the new music The Chainsmokers are releasing as late, get ready because it seems that there is a lot more to come.