The Chainsmokers' Storytelling Shines Through with New Single "Push My Luck"

The Chainsmokers are well into their World War Joy Tour and simply aren’t letting up.

Today, they treat us to a fresh, new single called “Push My Luck.” Running with the style fans know and love them for, the duo drops a st, melodic production worth obsessing over.

The Chainsmokers’ storytelling aspect shines through per usual, painting a descriptive, emotional picture through voice and sound. The first 2/3 the track is unapologetically pop by design, with a gorgeous electronic-fused breakdown toward the end built to please.

See the duo’s forthcoming World War Joy album in action — snag tickets to see The Chainsmokers live here. Coming up, they take on Denver, San Diego, Phoenix and more.

Listen to “Push My Luck” here and let us know what you think!

The Chainsmokers – Push My Luck