The Chainsmokers Take To Reddit To Ask About The Most Surprising Festival Acts Of The Summer

The Chainsmokers surprised everyone when they threw down one the craziest sets at Ultra Music Festival this year. Those who were expecting a chilled out, pop-infused set got to see firsthand how hard these guys can throw down. They absolutely .

Now, The Chainsmokers want to know, “What act surprised you the most from festival season this summer?” The duo took to to initiate the conversation and so far there’s definitely some good interaction on the thread.

Comments with the most upvotes include Virtual SelfGraves, Odesza, G Jones, Sullivan King and Whipped Cream. And, Salvatore Ganacci, but let’s be real — did you actually see him live or just a meme him on the internet? Either way, some truly solid acts are up for discussion here.

The Chainsmokers actually regularly post to reddit and engage with fans on threads, so this isn’t even out the norm for the duo.

Let us know what you think and leave your thoughts on the thread .

Most Surprising Acts From Festival Season