The Complete Edition of Daft Punk’s "TRON: Legacy" Soundtrack is Now on Apple Music and Spotify

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of TRON: Legacy, nine elusive tracks from Daft Punk's Grammy-nominated score have been added to a number of streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify. The new releases add on to the original and make up "The Complete Edition" of the soundtrack.

It's worth noting that the newly added songs are not new in the sense that they were unreleased, but rather they weren't widely available without some searching. Back in September, a special edition of the soundtrack was released on vinyl, which included some of the complied songs, while it's been reported that the others were previously exclusive to Apple platforms. 

Unsurprising to those familiar with the legendary duo, they has not commented on the release of the new soundtrack collection. In fact, their most recent activity on both Facebook and Instagram dates back to November of 2017.

"The Complete Edition" of Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy Soundtrack is out now. You can listen to the original offering plus the bonus tracks on Spotify below.