The Funk Hunters Release First Track “Turn Down the Silence” Off Upcoming Album!

Multi-dimensional duo The Funk Hunters have teased the next single f their much anticipated upcoming album, and it’s not one to be missed. Delivering enchanting melodies, a groovy bassline and velvety vocals by DiRTY RADiO, “Turn Down the Silence” encapsulates the heady, lighthearted feeling a budding summer romance. However, it’s clear that The Funk Hunters aren’t merely in the business making breezy tunes; with its focus on instrumentals and lyrics that add meaning to the music, “Turn Down the Silence” is an example the duo’s innovatory re-visioning electronic dance music.

The Funk Hunters incorporate elements multiple genres and transform them into fresh, unprecedented sound, and if “Turn Down the Silence” is any indication, their new album will be overflowing with sonic delights. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the second single from the album and the entire tracklist drop on March 23rd.