The Lead Single from No Mana’s Just-Announced Debut Album Is Already Here

The road to a debut album is ten a long one. There’s so much that goes behind the scenes for producers before they’re ready to release a truly career-shifting body work, whether it be old aliases, years watching YouTube videos, tens thousands dollars spent on hardware, stware, branding, and more. But at the same time, there’s also no better feeling when everything finally starts to fall into place.

No Mana recently revealed his debut album is coming in 2020, and today he released the first single, “Stranger” with Jantine. It’s a beautiful progressive house that builds on all the elements that No Mana has established over the past five years while still presenting a sort open ended atmosphere. The wonderful vocals from Jantine naturally evolve into a deep, soulful, infectious drop.

There’s no date set yet for the album release, but with the first single out now, we’ll probably hear it sometime around summer or earlier. Check back for more updates, but listen to “Strangers” from No Mana right now below.