The Legendary Voice Of 'Planet Earth' Wants You To Remix His Field Recordings [DETAILS]

You know that saying — you’re never too old. Well David Attenborough is truly young at heart. At the ripe age 93, he’s tapping into dance music.

Decades ago, Attenborough stumbled upon a Balinese tribe playing music that he’s never been able to get out his head. He took out his trusty tape recorder and captured the music, which he has held dear all this time. Surprisingly, the sounds the tribe still ring in crystal clear.

“The villagers play this concerted music with extraordinary precision and real zest,” he explains to BBC. “So it is haunting music that you hear every night — or you did in those days, in the villages Bali.”

“So these sounds which I captured with that clumsy tape recorder 60 years ago have a quality that you wouldn’t be able to replicate today.”

Now, he wants to bring the same music to younger generations — but he needs the help a producer. He’s recruiting someone to transform the music he heard into something more suitable for a main stage at Tomorrowland.

Enter “My Field Recordings from Across the Planet” here  PRS Foundation.


H/T: LAD Bible