The Prodigy’s ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ just turned 24

For all your dance veterans out there, you might be feeling a little old as The Prodigy’s second studio album Music For The Jilted Generation turned 24 years old today!

Released on this day in 1994 – well before some you reading this were even born – the album was the much anticipated follow-up to Experience, and came longstanding, tastemaking label, XL Recordings.

The album is home to anthemic releases from the UK group such as Break & Enter, Full Throttle, Poison and one our personal faves from the catalogue, Voodoo People. It helped solidify The Prodigy as one the most popular groups coming up at the time, championing the most original and now widely regarded soundscapes in the industry.

Listen to the album in it’s entirety below. What’s your favourite track?