The Woman Who Started The “Glitter Boob” Trend Is Making Like $180,000 A Week

The artist who started the glitter boob trend is making some serious cash — we’re talking $180,000 serious. Not only is her bank account sparkling, but her very own art business is booming.

Meet Sophie Tea, the 26-year-old Sydney-based mastermind behind the festival craze. It all started when she uploaded a single photo cleverly placed glitter on her chest, which she wore proudly to Coachella.

It was an instant hit — borderline iconic even — gaining her thousands followers and demand by the masses for more glitter boobs. The project took f in collaboration with The Gypsy Shrine’s Jenna Meek. And, the rest is history.

Which brings us to now, as Tea’s featured in the press for selling $180,000 worth her paintings in a single week. The glitter business might be a side hustle at this point, but it helped her become the “investment grade” artist she is today.

Tea says the glitter has earned her more than 8,000 followers this festival season and the business saw a boost 20% in sales.

The glitter queen can attribute her massive success to that one photo back in 2017. But, don’t get it twisted — she’s in the studio working 15 hour days seven days a week to keep up with her creative flow.

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I did make myself a little promise that I wouldn’t post a picture my titz again coz I’m an investment grade artist now lol BUT fuck it. The glitter queens @thegypsyshrine will be at my solo show on the night the private view….. THURSDAY 23rd (6pm-10pm everyone welcome, Noho Studios, Great Titchfield Street). 💎💎💎 You will be able to get a FREE glitter makeover your face, bum, boobs, and anywhere else tbf. Judgement free zone just have glitter on wherever makes you happy you know!???!!? ✨✨ My bezzie Jenna is the founder the company and they have just launched their beauty range earlier this week. Very proud. Anyways, come to my show, it’s THE PLACE TO BE NEXT THURSDAY! Tickets in bio bitchez. Can’t wait to meet you all. 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨 all glitter used on the night is biodegradable! Xooxox . . . . . . #sophieteaart #theseriousartist #seriously

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Source: Daily Mail