This Couple Reportedly Went To This Festival For The Purpose Of Giving Birth There, And Just… No

We all go to music festivals to have a good time, to escape, to engage meaningfully with others. In a perfect world, we’d all leave festivals better for having gone. That being said, you should not be going to a music festival to give birth.

Yes, let people do what they want to do, but giving birth at a festival is just not sanitary, and that’s only for starters.

NOTE: Featured image does not depict the couple or child in question.

If a post in a community Facebook group for Resonance Festival is to be believed, a couple went to the event for the specific purpose giving birth there.

“THRILLED my partner is going to be giving birth at this festival,” the post states, “her water just broke and all are invited to join introducing this miracle life into this world.”

The rest the post brings up even more concerns, like if her amniotic fluid is “ok for the pool,” or even more hilarious, if anyone has any extra towels. Thankfully, I suppose, they had a doula present, but that hardly makes this picture any better.

And god forbid anything goes wrong with the delivery and surgery is required, there’s nothing to be done at a festival when minutes could make the difference between life or death for the child.

It appears the post has since been removed, and there’s been no follow up in reference to the health or existence the child. Your EDM has reached out to representatives for the festival for more information, and have not received a response at time publishing.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but please, do not go to a music festival for the purpose giving birth there.

Photo Phierce Photo/Keith Griner