This DJ Is Offering His Merch Free In Exchange For Any Datsik Fan Merch

Ever since Datsik went quiet on social media a few months back following allegations sexual assault, and since fans have had time to move on, his name hasn’t been particularly common in the dance music vernacular (aside from the one-f answer on Quiplash). However, at least one person feels that there’s still an uneasiness in the community, and wants to turn a negative into a positive: Eprom.

Eprom tweeted yesterday that if you wear a Datsik shirt to any show he’s playing, you’ll basically be thrown out. This started a lot discussion, both productive and not, in his mentions, leading him to tweet out again today about wanting to put a “positive spin on this whole datsik thing.”

Sounds like a pretty solid deal, especially if you’ve got a Datsik shirt burning a hole in your drawer.

Based on yesterday’s tweet, we assume this only applies to shirts right now, but who knows… bring a hat or other item, and you might be surprised!