This DJ Sampled Joe Biden's Anti-Rave Speech for This EPIC Remix of NGHTMRE & A$AP FERG's "Redlight"

NGHTMRE & A$AP FERG hit trap gold with their collaboration “Redlight,” but REVEL is here now to throw a wrench in the cogs and create some chaos.

We’ve already seen how REVEL can decimate a tune with his remix DJ Sliink and Skrillex’s “Saint Laurent,” but “Redlight” seems even more ready for annihilation if this remix is any indication. The heavily textured, wild tempo this remix is a whole ride.

Fans Phuture Doom and Karma Fields will be extremely happy with REVEL as he brings elements both their styles together, but this “Redlight” remix is just something special. He even samples Joe Biden’s anti-rave speech for a little extra added anti-establishment values.

Check it out below.


Photo (c) James Winterhalter