Tiësto Remixes Tiga’s Techno Classic “Mind Dimension” for the Modern Dancefloor

Tiësto is bringing his far-reaching club appeal to an early 2000's techno classic. 

Taking on Tiga's "Mind Dimension," Tiësto refreshes the acid-infused production of the 2009 track, adding energizing drums and a dancefloor-dominating groove into the mix.

The hook of Tiga's singalong classic is likely to appear instantly recognizable to tenured electronic music fans, but recently the song has seen a resurgence in popularity after multiple high-profile producers tried their hand at remixing it. 

Tiësto's version is sure to have the club full on edge as he takes his time building up anticipation in the track's opening bars with ethereal vocal swells and tense risers. At its tipping point, the Dutch superstar drops a metallic lead and fleshes out the arrangement with ominous techno synths fit for giving fans a second wind during his late-night sets. 

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Tiësto Remixes Tiga's Techno Classic "Mind Dimension" for the Modern Dancefloor

Tenured electronic music fans are certain to recognize the hook of Tiga's 2009 classic.

From the playfully melodic arpeggiated fanfare of Ben Sterling's take to Kölsch's recent rework featuring gritty low-end basslines, "Mind Dimension" hasn't ceased to continue earning new fans, even in 2022. And Tiësto's contribution marks yet another welcome addition.

You can find his remix on streaming platforms here.

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