Tim Cook Believes Algorithms are Causing More Harm Than Good

Apple CEO Believes Humanity is at Risk – Well, in the Music World

With great technology comes great responsibility. Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that technology is going too far when it comes to our consumption music. In a recent interview, Cook flat out states: “We worry about the humanity being drained out music, about it becoming a bits-and-bytes kind world instead the art and craft.” The full article can be read here on Fast Company.

The belief is that the “populated” playlist is ripping the soul out true musical curation. With Spotify playlists featuring algorithms that are custom-tailored to the individual, the idea that “algorithms are eroding music’s spiritual role in our lives” holds some weight. Gone are the days sifting through hours vinyl. Lost are the minutes spent recording cassette “mix tapes” for a love interest. However, one must ask – is this necessarily a bad thing?

The fact remains that music inundates the consumer in so many different ways, the individual chooses ease over depth. However, since the algorithms are so thorough, playlist creation is now more accurate and concise then ever. With millions options, who wouldn’t want a personalized playlist without the effort seeking it out? Here is another article from Financial Times which argues this point.

The other devil in play is now and musicians know this. They now gear their releases towards singles and EPs versus the old school LP. Track hits have to hit fast and engage the user quickly, all the while having enough reach to appear on multiple playlists. Cook argues that music overall is in decline because what these algorithms place focus on.

We urge you to form your own opinion on the matter. Where do you stand?