TNGHT Return With Trippy New Single “Tums”: Listen

TNGHT are bouncing back into the forefront of trap music without missing a beat. 

With "Tums," the duo's first effort since 2019's II album, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice's calculus was simple: do what feels right and don't overthink it. As Lunice identifies, the approach is a foundational pillar of the duo's popularity. 

"'Tums' was made from that collective feeling of, 'OMG maybe there actually ARE going to be parties again,'" Lunice said in a statement. "That feeling seemed to inspire the first principles of the TNGHT project: Keep it really fun. Dumb. Hard-hitting. Don’t overwork it."

On "Tums," TNGHT open things up with their signature punchy 808s, setting a welcome and familiar tone for long-time listeners. The tandem, who have made their own contributions to the wildly popular psychedelic trap movement of the 2010s, didn't hesitate to supercharge the track with a euphoric ambience characterized by laugh track-like background vox, soaring melodic chords progressions, and a sticky, pitched-up hook.

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TNGHT Return With Trippy New Single "Tums": Listen

Hudson Mohawke and Lunice gave the fans what they wanted on "Tums," a song that stays true to TNGHT's winning formula.

Needless to say, "Tums" has the makings of another TNGHT classic and it's sure to prompt speculation as to what this means for the duo's immediate future. 

Following the success of TNGHT's sophomore EP in 2019, their first since their beloved self-titled debut dropped in 2012, the appetite for a three-peat is seemingly strong as ever.