“Together with Ukraine” Compilation Released In Support of Ukrainian Red Cross Society

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine rages on, many have been helping and donating. The music industry has been quite active, with initiatives such as an open-source Google Sheet of Ukrainian artists and music labels and a fundraising rave in the U.K. on March 11th.

In an effort to support ongoing humanitarian efforts, Ukrainian talent bookers Rhys Bainham and Vlad Yaremchuk have called on their colleagues and friends to form a compilation album, Together with Ukraine.

Spanning a whopping 136 tracks, the record has been supported by leading drum & bass labels Hospital Records, RAM Records, Critical Music, Metalheadz, Shogun Audio and more, and features a vast selection of unreleased music from the likes of Noisia & Phace, S.P.Y, Modestep and IMANU, among others. Additionally, Together with Ukraine features contributions from multiple European visual artists, who collaborated on the album cover with art direction by Uno.


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"Together with Ukraine" Compilation Released In Support of Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Over 100 leading record labels and artists have come together to support ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

"Now more than ever is a time for unity, solidarity and support of a nation under attack," said Bainham and Yaremchuk in a joint press statement. "It's crucial for us to use our voice to create widespread and sustained awareness of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, and to give support in every way possible. Whether it's signing petitions, attending demonstrations, sharing facts on social media, offering help for refugees, or more - this situation cannot be allowed to continue, and engaging in support of any kind for the people of Ukraine is our absolute priority."

Together with Ukraine is available exclusively on Bandcamp, with all revenue from sales going directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. You can purchase the compilation here.