Tokyo Rat Preps for Album with Futuristic New Single "Edge of Tokyo"

With only a handful of single releases under his belt, California-based producer Tokyo Rat is fast at work on the launch of his debut album, due September 26th. With the release of one of its singles, "Edge of Tokyo," Tokyo Rat now continues to prep and build anticipation around the forthcoming project.

"Edge of Tokyo" is meant to take its listener through an apocalyptic neo-Tokyo, with its release paired with a music video visually exploring the concept. Listeners and viewers will follow a hero, presumably Tokyo Rat, as they speed through the futuristic cityscape and chase down evil. From chunky bass synths to a pulsing, tension-building melody, "Edge of Tokyo" easily lives up to its dark and edgy inspirations.

Even more impactful is that "Edge of Tokyo" is an instrumental, leaving most of the storytelling to be done by the music video. It was animated by graphic and motion designer Podda Corrado and seamlessly moves between retro symbols, like an 80s television set, and a more science fiction, future-driven style.