Trampa’s Roaring Debut Album “Disrespect” Has Arrived: Listen

After kickstarting the Never Say Die: Black Label sister imprint with his Consciousness EP in 2015 and closing that imprint's chapter out with his single "Sick Head," bass music heavyweight Trampa has already built an impressive career over the last decade. Now, Trampa's debut album has arrived on the newly reformed Never Say Die, and it is undoubtedly the producer's best work yet.

Trampa's first full-length, Disrespect, is full of the riddim-tinged sounds listeners have come to know and love from the musician, but the album expands far beyond genre expectations and into tracks that draw influence from jungle, drum & bass, UK garage, drill, and even breakbeat. 

Previously released singles "Sick Head," "Your Luv," and the UK drill-imbued "Generals" with Killa P and Vulgatron are of course featured, and go just as hard as ever. But some of Disrespect's bangers come in the form of tracks like "Signal," a classic jungle-infused track that could have come straight out of London in the 1990s, but is just as effective for 2021, bringing true raves to mind and stirring up even more anticipation for the return of live events. 

"All Night" with Nolay also feels like a throwback hit, this time in the form of a UK garage and breakbeat hybrid with plenty of bass to go around. Vocalist Nolay's verses are sure to get the listener amped up as a gritty wobbling bass takes over the main sections. 

Trampa invites bass legend Space Laces to the table on "Shank," a trappy hybrid stomper serving as an auditory feast of sound design. "Pull Up," "Disrespect'" and "Illest" operate in the same fashion, seated nicely somewhere between dubstep and trap, and boasting the huge reverberating sound and relentless bass Trampa is so well known for. 

One of the biggest standouts (among an album that's chock-full of them) is "Back 2 Me," a roaring drum & bass offering that showcases even more of the classic rave sound with a modern spin and hints at total dance floor domination once live events return.

Across all ten of its tracks, Trampa's Disrespect brings unyielding energy and undeniable catchiness that's sure to have fans rinsing the album on repeat for the foreseeable future. With its clever nods to the classic rave sound and its upfront production, Trampa's latest provided the skilled producer with an outlet to showcase his true breadth, and cement his status as one of bass music's hardest hitters.

Trampa's Disrespect is out now via Never Say Die and can be found on streaming platforms here.