Tune in to Nraakors’ New Album Hoppel Poppel

The band coming from Iowa, Nraakors, has released a new 59-minute album titled Hoppel Poppel. With a collection of 19 distinguished tracks crossing from folk-rock songs to neoclassical arrangements, the band is offering a tune for every fan. Nraakors is the musical cosmos of James Kasper, Gigi Macabre, Joseph Norman, along with several features which have chimed in to bring forth the magic that is Hoppel Poppel.

The tracklist is incredibly profound and home to a blend of genres. These flawlessly well-designed folk-rock gems, neoclassical, and french film score prizes will retain your moods and take you on a journey of distinct styles. The band has a knack for delivering raw and charismatic songs that can resonate with a wide range of listeners.

Tracks such as “Fanfare for an Uncommon Swan” and “Blood Sausage For Breakfast” are the perfect dose of neoclassical/French film score hues.

The band’s vocalist Gigi Macabre brushes off each piece with her touch of theatrical performance.