Velvo Releases Delicate, Bounce-Driven Hybrid "Time" featuring 7AE

“Time” seems to stand still with Velvo‘s latest release featuring 7AE.

The new single is a smooth, easy listen. With subtle EDM progression, the catchiness a pop track, and st hip hop energy, “Time” manages to bridge the gap between genres and makes for an addictive tune. Velvo’s delicate synths hit in just the right places as 7AE drives the message home, making it impossible to settle for just one play through.

If you’re familiar with Velvo’s work, then you know he’s all about the bounce. He could easily flex here, but instead he caters to a specific vibe. The Minneapolis-based artist shaves f the highs with expertly place filtering, allowing the lyrics to shine through a low key amazing — scratch that, high key amazing — production. Sometimes less is more.

As for 7AE, the 18-year-old out Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis has already caught the attention G-Eazy and is signed to Loyal Club sound. Expect to hear more from him, too.

Whether it’s a relationship, music production, or anything else you’re passionate about — it’s important to put the ¬†time in and we believe that’s what Velvo and 7AE are shooting for here. Listen up and let us know what you think!

Velvo – “Time”

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