VIDEO: Kanye West Comes To Trump’s Defense Again Amidst Impeachment Inquiry

Kanye West is showing his support for President Donald Trump yet again.

In the video below, captured during the rapper’s Sunday Service meet up in Salt Lake City, Ye explains his reasoning for backing Trump. He address the stigma being a black Republican and explains why it’s unfair to criticize his political beliefs — which have nothing to do with his race, mind you.

Surrounded by his congregation, Ye takes the mic and says:

“That’s the Republican Party that freed the slaves. People wanna call me a coon ‘cause I chose my right. And we got the right, right? We got a right to our opinions, right? You Black, so you can’t like Trump. I ain’t never made a decision based on my color. That’s a form slavery, mental slavery.”

Aren’t you not supposed to mix church and state?

Oh, well… Watch here.

Kanye West Defends Donald Trump


Screenshot SNL