VIRAL VIDEO: Dozens Crash The Gates At Life is Beautiful

A crowd at Lollapalooza earlier this year made headlines for trying (and failing) to gate crash the festival. According to authorities after, it appears that everyone who attempted to make it in illicitly was apprehended and/or arrested.

Now, another group gate crashers, this time at Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, has gone viral for their antics. “Hella people just rushed the gates at Life is Beautiful lmaooo,” captioned Jessica Valdez on Twitter.

Only around two dozen or so attempted to enter the festival without a ticket, far fewer than the amount who tried to do so at Lollapalooza. From the vantage point the video, it seems only a couple people were detained as they tried to enter. No ficial report has been released by LVPD or the festival about the incident.

Responses on Twitter ranged from jokes like, “Smh. no one brought this energy to Area 51,” to real life security concerns, like, “Damn what if someone had a gun and snuck in too.”