VNCCII’s Music Video for New Single "Dangerous Love" Creates a Psychedelic Future World

Australian vocalist and producer VNCCII is making waves in the electronic world with a futuristic sound developed around a 3D cyborg avatar. Her latest single, "Dangerous Love," only solidifies her rising reputation as a forward-thinking, no-holds-barred artist as she puts her cutting edge twist on the pop-trap crossover.

Out today, "Dangerous Love" is only VNCCII's fourth official song, all of which were released independently. It follows last year's "Citizen A.I." and "Astro Life" parts one and two, pushing the boundaries of her edgy future world vision with swirling 8-bit synth arrangements, heavy bass punches and trap downbeats. VNCCII's sultry vocals are the crown jewel of the track, layered on top of her hard-hitting arrangement to carry the song through its narrative.

The single is paired with an immersive, visually breathtaking music video, which features VNCCII's cyborg avatar rolling along in a pink sports car across a psychedelic landscape. With bright lyrical elements taking up the bottom third of the screen, the scene quickly evolves into pulsing, trippy visual sequences set to each instrumental break. VNCCII herself even makes an appearance, taking center stage over her avatar through a distorted, color-saturated fisheye lens. 

You can watch the video below.