Vocal De-Esser From Antares Is Out Now

The makers of Auto-Tune®, Antares, have announced their new release, Vocal De-Esser.

Following on from Vocal Reverb, released last year, Vocal De-Esser is, in some way, the natural next step for Antares. The company has long been a proponent of artificial intelligence, and Vocal De-Esser looks to continue that trend.

Vocal De-Esser uses innovative low-latency vocal processing, artificial intelligence, and a custom-trained model that uses machine learning to detect and control sibilance in the human voice.

In doing so, Vocal De-Esser is specialized in removing undesirable “Ess” in a vocal recording and also doing I real-time without “compromising the vocal characteristics or tone” – smoothing out the vocals in the process.

The GUI includes two specific Sibilant Controls for managing (S, Sh, Z) and (T, Ch,K) vocal sounds, a Solo button for monitoring sibilance alone, a Link button for connecting the two sibilant controls, and an Assist button for activating the AI function.

Vocal De-Esser Key Features

  • Real-time AI Vocal De-Essing
  • Custom AI model trained on the human voice
  • Extremely simple and easy-to-use GUI
  • Specific controls for taming soft (S, Sh, Z) and hard (T, Ch, K) sibilant vocal sounds
  • Low Latency Processing


There are two separate ways to obtain Vocal De-Esser.

Firstly, Vocal De-Esser is free for Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers at $24.99/mo or $174.99/year (equivalent to $14.58/mo if paid annually).

Alternatively, you can buy a perpetual license for $99, including one free month of Auto-Tune Unlimited.

Find out more on www.auto-tune.com.

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19th June, 2024