Watch a Laser-Eyed WHIPPED CREAM Wreak Havoc in "DUMB SH!T" Music Video

Vancouver-based rising star WHIPPED CREAM has been generating buzz lately with her unique blend of hip-hop elements within her productions. Her latest effort, “DUMB SH!T (feat. Jasiah)" is a trappy modern rap banger, and today, the track’s music video was released. 

The video opens with WHIPPED CREAM emerging from a spaceship to wow Jasiah and his crew, who are hanging out in the badlands of California. Her laser beam eyes seem to make the group of humans lose their minds, and for the rest of the video they do “DUMB SH!T,” like destroying an old car and throwing chairs around. 

The video is strictly a mirror of the energy of the single, the purpose of which is to energize the listener or viewer with hard-hitting bass and nearly screamed verses, courtesy of Jasiah. If 2020 needed a party anthem, “DUMB SH!T” is it. 

WHIPPED CREAM's latest single and music video are taken from her debut album, WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM? released earlier this year. Check out that record here.