Watch COFRESI Flip The Lion King’s "Circle of Life" in Majestic Dunes [Premiere]

COFRESI has been relatively silent on social media following his latest single "Better." However, after the beatsmith teased a new project and posted a stunning overhead shot in a vibrant desert back in October, he has now officially unveiled the ambitious new venture.

The Lion King's "Circle of Life" is one of Disney's most iconic classics, and it is immediately distinguishable. COFRESI has flipped the beloved song into a powerful dance twist. To create an immersive experience that transports audiences to the Pride Lands, COFRESI enlisted Brand1Films and travelled to a majestic dunes setting for a one-of-a-kind visual experience.

COFRESI's nostalgic flip tugs at the heartstrings while constructing an entirely new offering that's irresistibly danceable. Highlighting his brand new live DJ and digital-acoustic drum setup, listeners can undoubtably see and feel his passion as he attacks the beat amidst a magnificent cascading sunset. Between the pounding drums, pulsating bass elements, and two unique drops, this extraordinary audiovisual experience is truly magical.

You can watch or stream COFRESI's "Circle of Life" flip here.