Watch FISHER Teach an Aerobics Class in His Underwear in “Just Feels Tight” Music Video

The summer heat has already been off the charts, and with the release of FISHER's first song of the year, it looks like club HVAC systems are about to go into overdrive. Released July 30th via his own Catch & Release imprint, "Just Feels Tight" has arrived just in time to close the season with a bang. 

Loaded with floor-shaking intensity and rippling basslines, the track finds power in its anticipative builds and dynamic phaser overlays. And while "Just Feels Tight" doesn't quite pack the punch of landmark FISHER singles like "Losing It" and "You Little Beauty," the penetrative sound design of its drop proves he is just getting started when it comes to explosive club music.

"Just Feels Tight" comes paired with its own frisky music video, casting FISHER as an aerobics instructor stripped down to his tighty-whities. "Stretch those hips and flick those wrists," he directed in a social media post.

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Watch FISHER Teach an Aerobics Class in His Underwear in "Just Feels Tight" Music Video

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Hard FIZZ, the Australian seltzer brand FISHER co-founded with the video's director-producer Joel Scott, among others, also makes a starring appearance. Apparently, post-workout alcohol showers are the new thing. Watch it below.