Watch SOFI TUKKER Perform DJ Set In a Helicopter Flying Over New York City

To celebrate the release of their new single, "Summer In New York," SOFI TUKKER went above and beyond—literally.

The duo took to the skies to perform a DJ set from a helicopter while flying over New York City. The recording of the 40-minute set includes a host of tracks off their scintillating sophomore album, WET TENNIS, as well as remixes by the likes of Claptone, LP Giobbi and J. Worra. 

Sultry house drops, fist-pumping basslines and Sophie Hawley-Weld's infectious smile and finger snaps are all paired with sweeping, sky-high views of the City That Never Sleeps. The pair provide details about "Summer in New York" throughout, as well as introduce special songs and shout out their collaborators.

"If I make any weird faces, it's 'cause we are literally taking off in a helicopter right now," quipped SOFI TUKKER's Tucker Halpern. "We know we don't get to play sets as much as we once did, but when we do, we're going to make them count—or at least do something ridiculous!" he later adds. 

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Watch SOFI TUKKER Perform DJ Set In a Helicopter Flying Over New York City

Attention, passengers. This is your captain speaking, and SOFI TUKKER are about to throw down.

BLADE, the helicopter brand behind the experience, famously partnered with Kygo's Palm Tree Music Festival last year to fly attendees directly onto the festival's grounds. 

Watch SOFI TUKKER's full performance below.