Watch the Glitch Mob’s Music Video for Their Official “Seven Nation Army” Remix

Earlier in the week, The Glitch Mob surprised fans with the official release of their fan-favorite remix of The White Stripes' seminal 2003 rock anthem, "Seven Nation Army." While fans have enjoyed the remix for years, it was never officially released until now.

In addition to the track's addition to streaming platforms, The Glitch Mob also started taking preorders for a vinyl release and dropped an NFT collection in honor of the tune. Now, they're adding another dimension to the release with a new music video.

The video tells the story of a man stumbling through archives and finding a mysterious box labeled "The White Stripes." After opening the box, bursts of color and light erupt and he's taken on a digital journey deeper into the sounds of the remix. With visuals of old computer errors and psychedelic imagery throughout, the journey concludes with the protagonist entering the original 2003 music video for "Seven Nation Army," as a nod to fans of the band.

Check out The Glitch Mob's new music video for their "Seven Nation Army" remix below.