Watch Wuki’s Touching Tribute to His Late Mother in “Tell The World About Me” Music Video [Premiere]

Last month, Grammy-nominated dance music producer Wuki released his stunning debut album WukiWorld, a record that moonlighted as a poignant reflection of his life's diegesis. With impressive original works and features from a bevy of high-profile collaborators, the album received critical acclaim not only for its production, but also for its storytelling.

Part of that story, unfortunately, was the tragic loss of his mother, whom he paid tribute to in the album's closing track, "Tell The World About Me" with Sebastian Reynoso. Now, Wuki has released a touching music video for the ballad, sharing a glimpse into his life and experiences with his late mother.

The music video for "Tell The World About Me" tastefully shares beautiful memories in the form of old home videos as an homage to Wuki's mother, who was his biggest supporter before sadly passing away after a bout with cancer. Birthday parties with siblings, playtime at the park, and family holidays are just some of the moments captured in the home videos, as the touching lyrics and heartfelt soundscapes of "Tell The World About Me" soundtrack the memories.

Honoring her in a special way, Wuki describes the music video as a love letter to his mother and the rest of his family. "One of the most defining moments of my life was losing my mother to pancreatic cancer. My mom always was a huge supporter of my music and without that I wouldn’t be here today," he tells "I dug up my dads old 8mm videos and was able to put together this montage of my childhood. I miss her so much, I know she would be so proud of how far I’ve come, she would tell the world about me."

Watch the official music video below, premiered exclusively today by