Wax Motif Launches His Own Label With Huge Diddy Collab

Australian producer and DJ Wax Motif just hit a huge milestone in his career with the release his newest song, “Divided Souls.” Apart from just putting out a banger, he’s also launching his new label the same name as well as collaborating with Sean “Diddy” Combs, pka P Diddy.

“Divided Souls” is a pure dancefloor banger with a four-on-the-floor attitude, vocal feature, and plenty bass. It’s a bit a shame that Diddy’s voice doesn’t come through as much as it should, modulated and reverbed to the extent that it is. But his attitude comes through in his prosody well enough and gives the track that extra bit edge.

“It’s a huge honor to be able to debut my label with a release from myself and Diddy,” explains Wax Motif. “Diddy is legendary to me – I probably watched the ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ videos a million times growing up. I feel the whole message behind the ‘Divided Souls’ lyrics resonates with me and the dance music scene. The line where Diddy mentions ‘divided souls’ really stuck out to me and I couldn’t get the phrase out my head, so I decided to call the track and the label by the same name. I’m excited to debut my label and to share a vision for myself and for new artists.”

Check out “Divided Souls” below and keep a look out for more coming from Wax’s label soon!


Photo Rukes.com