Whethan Breaks New Ground With Latest Single, “Warning Signs” With Kevin George

It's rare to find a musician as versatile as Whethan, who, with his debut album FANTASY, flexed on his fans with a groundbreaking arrangement of work unbounded by genre.

His latest, "Warning Signs" with Kevin George, further develops this vision as Whethan dips his toes into a unique blend of electronica, hip-hop and rap. It is the young gun's first release since FANTASY and while it doesn't integrate any of the album's signature pop-rock sounds, its palpable energy is equal parts fun and youthful. 

Out April 23rd via Atlantic Records, "Warning Signs" is an enigmatic synthesis of modern electronica and hip-hop. With spacey bass and kinetic synths, the track pulls influences from disco, acid house and trap, overlaid with George's velvety flows.

"This is the song of the summer," George predicted in a press release. Check out "Warning Signs" below.

In addition to "Warning Signs" comes a cyberpunk-themed lyric video with trippy, polychromatic visuals and flying cars. "This song makes me feel like I'm playing Cyberpunk [2077]," Whethan added, making the theme of this visualizer all the more fitting.

You can watch the video below and find "Warning Signs" on streaming platforms here.


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