Winslow Makes His Solo Hospital Records Debut With “Sandalwood Nights” EP

Earlier this year, St. Louis-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Winslow topped our list of Five Drum & Bass Artists to Watch in 2021. Since then, he's cranked out some truly memorable music, including his Mad Flavors EP on Soulvent, and his stunning remix of Nu:Tone and Lea Lea's classic "Tides" for the H25PITAL compilation in celebration of Hospital Records' 25th anniversary.

Now, Winslow is signed exclusively to the Hospital Records imprint and he's made his solo debut with the brilliant Sandalwood Nights EP.

"Soulful" is one way to describe Sandalwood Nights, but it doesn't fully encompass the essence of Winslow's latest work. It is soulful indeed, but served up with a flavor unique to the skilled rising star of drum and bass alone.

"Everything & More" employs jazz-infused piano chords that mirror the emotion of the lyrics delivered by Winslow himself with a hip-hop inspired flow. Vocalist Pete Simpson also lends his talent to the EP opener, crooning the emotive harmonized vocals that he's become well known for through classic tracks like London Elektricity's "Impossible To Say."

The EP's namesake track takes things in a darker direction, with omnipotent filtered pads that swell and recede as an acid-tinged synth takes center stage. "Sandalwood Nights" feels nearly cinematic, but none of the groove is sacrificed through its exposition. 

Closing things out with "Snooze Button Roller," Winslow utilizes his signature sampling style for a true roller that's actually more likely to make listeners want to spring out of bed. A cheeky tape-stop effect brings even more life to the track, lending itself perfectly to the classic R&B stylings that "Snooze Button Roller" emulates.

As Hospital welcomes Winslow to the family, the talented producer makes a resounding statement with his debut solo EP. Sandalwood Nights only further adds to Winslow's already stunning catalog, bringing with it even more of the endlessly listenable sound that the musician is making waves with.

Winslow's Sandalwood Nights EP is out now and can be found here.